RediRad AM/N

Designed specifically for NEGATIVE-ground vehicles with an AM-only radio.

Operates on 6 volts or 12 volts with a NEGATIVE-ground electrical system.

If your Freedom Machine still has the original AM-only radio, congratulations! Whether it's the control knobs that match the rest of the dashboard or those curious, “civil defense” markers on the readout, nothing available in the aftermarket looks as proper or fits as well as a factory radio in the dash. 

But where is the MUSIC? Not on the AM band – until NOW! Update the original radio yourself in minutes with RediRad™ model AM/N, without resorting to “made in China” or an expensive and invasive radio 'conversion'.

At only $99, RediRad™ model AM/N lets you enjoy your favorite music from your iPod, smart phone, MP3, portable CD, or satellite radio through the existing, functional equipment.

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