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Why RediRad?

In your quest to add an AUX port to your ride, RediRad™ is an affordable, reliable, and effective solution that updates the existing audio equipment in Freedom Machines of all eras WITHOUT an expensive conversion or total replacement.

RediRad™ is a simple, plug-and-play adapter that connects between the radio and the antenna cable. By doing so, RediRad™ eliminates broadcast radio interference and clutter.

With RediRad™, you control and enjoy music through your dashboard radio from the mobile device, MP3 or other portable music source you already own.

For collector vehicles, RediRad™ adds value dollar-for-dollar by preserving the factory appearance without cutting any wires or hacking up the dashboard in any way.

For newer vehicles or aftermarket equipment, RediRad™ sustainably enhances an existing system: what you have now won't go into a landfill just to add an AUX port.

The RediRad™ AUX-IN adapter is both American made and supported, meaning quality is assured and your questions will be answered by the inventor himself.

RediRad™ is an unbeatable value.

RediRad, LLC, is a small American business run by “car people” who are passionate about your delight in our products.

...gotta getta RediRad™

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