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Radio Restoration/Repair

The first time you turned on your Freedom Machine's radio may have left something to be desired. This is not the fault of the radio design. Contrary to popular perception, the factory radios are high-quality designs (for their era). But after thirty-plus years of roasting heat and/or bitter cold, capacitors dry up and leak, volume controls get caked with dust and nicotine, and tubes and transistors fail.

The good news is that the loud background hum, crackly volume control, and weak reception you're experiencing now will be a distant memory when you have your factory radio electrically restored. Speaking from personal experience, the difference before and after restoring your radio is remarkable.

Also, radio restoration -rather than a so-called "conversion" (or worse, aftermarket replacement)- will add value, dollar-for-dollar, to the finished product. When a collector vehicle undergoes restoration, the radio and speaker(s) deserve the same attention as the body and upholstery.

Here is a list of preferred, qualified radio restoration shops that specialize in bringing your OEM audio back to life and sounding GREAT again:

Jim's Sales and Service

455 N. Gerdes St., Breese, IL 62230

(618) 526-8492

pre-1980 (non-digital) radios

JF Antique Radio Repair

21128 Stonecrop Place, Ashburn, VA 20147

(703) 729-9432 (ask for Jay)



Vacuum Tube era radios 

Classic Radio Repair & More

(519) 777-7261


pre-1980 (non-digital) radios

John Klosterman Radio Repair

Guilford , IN 47022

(812) 212-5816


1930 to 1959 radios

The Antique Radio Doctor

1489 Rogue River Hwy, Grants Pass, OR 97527

(541) 474-2524 (ask for Barry)


pre-1983 (non-digital) radios

Pete's Antique Radio Restorations

710 Charnwood Dr., Wyckoff, NJ 0748

(201) 891-4899


pre-1976 (non-digital) radios


..And when you call any of these shops, please remember to tell 'em that the RediRad guys sent you!

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