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What is a RediRad™?

The RediRad™ is an American-made, money-saving solution that allows you to enjoy your music favorites from your smart phone or any portable music source through the existing radio in your car or truck.

Which RediRad™ is right for my vehicle?

First, determine whether the electrical system ground is connected to the positive or the negative side of the battery (defines the terms “positive ground” or “negative ground”, respectively).Second, determine whether your radio is an AM-only or is an AM-FM. Then...
  • Select Model AM/N for vehicles with negative-ground electrics and an AM-only radio,
  • Select Model AM/P for vehicles with positive-ground electrics and an AM-only radio,
  • Select Model FM for vehicles with negative-ground electrics and an AM-FM radio. (Note: The AM-FM radio can be either factory or aftermarket)

How do I order a RediRad™?

  • Via the web: http://redirad.com
  • By phone: call our friendly staff 262 646 3363 weekdays between 9 AM and 3 PM (GMT -5)

What portable music players can I use with the RediRad™?

The RediRad™ will work seamlessly with virtually all portable music players and so-called 'smart' phones.

Does the RediRad™ add FM to my AM radio?

No. Think of the RediRad™ as a “bridge” between your AM radio and other portable music players. You will need a portable FM radio and a RediRad™ to receive FM broadcast. We stock an easy-to-use pocket FM radio if you have trouble finding one.

Will a RediRad™ work with a 6-volt electrical system?

YES! RediRad models AM/N and AM/P will operate on any voltage between 5.5 and 15.5 volts.

How does the RediRad™ connect to the existing radio?

Although this is covered in your owner's manual in detail, the RediRad™ installs easily with only a few simple steps:
  • Disconnect the ground cable from the battery.
  • Unplug the vehicle's antenna cable from the radio and plug it into your RediRad™.
  • Plug the male coaxial RediRad™ cable into your radio.
  • Connect power and ground wires to vehicle power and vehicle ground, respectively.
  • Reconnect the ground cable to the battery.

For more details, Click Here to download any of the RediRad Owner's Manuals.

My car is in storage until spring. When does my 60-day evaluation period start?

If you order a RediRad™ now but don't have access to your car for a while (because it is in storage, getting serviced, repainted, etc.), simply let us know when you place your order and we will postpone the start of your 60-day evaluation period.

Are the AM-radio RediRad™ models (AM/N or AM/P) compatible with digital (quartz) tuners?

The RediRad™ intended for AM-only radios (see application table above) will work but there may be background noise. If your radio has a digital display and an FM band, use the RediRad-FM for great results.

Will I experience broadcast interference while listening to music from my portable source?

No. The RediRad™ temporarily and automatically “disconnects” the antenna when you use your portable source; the antenna automatically reconnects it after you stop playing music from your source.

Will the RediRad™ work with my original vacuum-tube radio?

Yes, indeed!

Will the RediRad™ degrade regular, over-the-air broadcast signal reception?

Not at all. Regular broadcast signals pass straight through when there's no portable-player audio entering the RediRad™.

Does the RediRad™ require a vehicle antenna?

Nope. If you have a rod or kustom without an antenna but a period correct radio, for the first time you can have the look you want and enjoy your favorite tunes through it.

Can I use a RediRad™ in my 10-year-old daily driver?

Absolutely, yes! Use RediRad-FM to add an AUX-IN port to the existing stereo system in any 1980s-and-newer vehicle. Be advised that you may also need antenna cable adapters, which are inexpensive and are available thru amazon.com.

My motorcycle has a cassette deck stereo system. Gotta RediRad for bikes?

Certainly. Use RediRad-FM to add an AUX-IN port to the existing stereo system in any 1970s-and-newer cycle. Be advised that you may also need antenna cable adapters, which are inexpensive and are available.
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