Upgrade for older AM-Band RediRad

Bring your 2007 thru 2014 AM-band RediRad up to date.

Includes a TWO-year warranty.

We have received product suggestions from our customers over the years. You have helped us make a good product a GREAT product. As a THANK YOU for your feedback, we are offering an upgrade service to older, AM-band RediRads for only $49, plus return postage. 

With your AM-band RediRad upgrade order, we will test and replace any damaged cables. In addition, the entire circuit board will be replaced with EITHER the new AM-band design that goes into the AM/N and AM/P models OR the RediRad-FM™ circuit board. We also offer a new 3.5mm audio-input plug with a smaller rubber grip (for better clearance with smart phone protection 'boots').

What's different about the new AM-band design? 

  • Improved carrier frequency drift by 50:1 (down to only FIVE parts per million), meaning rock-stable tuning.
  • Broader audio frequency response (now past 10 kHz, wider than most AM radios out there).
  • Lower audio 'drive' level from your mobile / portable music device (increases usage time between recharges). 

Your RediRad qualifies for an upgade if the serial number on the label begins with 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, or 14. RediRad labels beginning with FM, AM/N or AM/P do not qualify (because they are already the latest and greatest).

The end result is hands-down a much better-performing AM-band RediRad than the earlier versions.

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