RediRad FM

Perfect for any AM-FM radio / stereo system (either factory-installed or aftermarket).

Requires a 12 volt, negative-ground electrical system.

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Does the stereo in your Freedom Machine “lack the jack” for your mobile device or MP3 player? Instead of replacing a system that otherwise works well and is already paid for, consider the money-saving, American-made RediRad-FM™.

At only $99, RediRad-FM™ updates the audio, letting you fully enjoy your favorite music from your iPod, smart phone, MP3, or satellite radio through the existing stereo system without broadcast-radio interference.

The RediRad-FM™ is easy to install, and uses industry-standard antenna cable connectors. Some newer vehicles may require antenna cable connector adapters (sold separately on Amazon or at Best Buy).

New or Used
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